“By focusing on the Source of Life, we discover a Nourishment beyond what the linear-mind can imagine. This nourishment is the all-satisfying nectar of LIFE; the causeless effortless joy, vitality and health always within us. This endless flow of internal-nourishment brings us to the totality of LOVE as a Primary Principle of Who, What and Where we eternally are. A nourishment that awakens your pure awareness and brings-forth Your natural-neutral PRESENCE. A nourishment that transmutes all distortions of separateness and clears the pathways for innovation. It is from this resource we are able receive the Gifts of all aspects of human experience, integrate them, and realize our Being state... when I say 'realize' I mean that we land-into the Rest Point of our Being - Resting in our Eternal Center of Being - feeling one within and as the Source of Life regardless of what we do or not… This practice of allowing the eternal source Nourishment offers us the spiritual-emotional and social intelligence that our species is here to evolve through in this time, in this now... then the challenges that arise in the relational field of life - the full-spectrum of all-kinds of relationships and relating - become the opportunity for us to be at-choice, and through our self-awareness choose innovation verses deprivation... we simply, gracefully create life from the natural flow our innate essence...” — Cass Phelps



The Focus is on Nourishment and Resting in your Eternal Being


The purpose of the Practice is to bring you back to your eternal being, realizing that you are whole and complete, that you are the vital Flow of Life… always have been and always will be. There are two Keys for approaching the Practice:



The Practice in its simplicity is the focus on Nourishment; experiencing the vital Source of Life. What feels nourishing to us, is the guiding intelligence in our Life. Whether we enjoy the Movement Practice: The MOVEMENT of LOVE, the GIFT PROCESS, the Five Signals Nourishment Pathway, the TEACHINGS or the BIOTUNE: Sound Frequency Healing system- for them to have any purpose they must be received as nourishment or a way to access deeper states of nourishment. Otherwise, the defense-system will use them as a means for control, fixing, manipulation, seeking and eventual disappointment.

Nourishment is the pathway… There are two aspects to nourishment Physical and Internal… Listen to this audio recording of Kai (student) and Cass:


The Rest Point

The foundation of this work is grounded in what we call the Rest Point… All facets of the Practice lead to the Rest Point. Resting in our Eternal Being, feeling whole and complete. Resting in the Source of Life, where all potential arrises from and that all-life shares eternally as One. 

The Rest Point is where all healing, renewal and awakening happens… It is where we slow-down below our local cognizing identity and limiting-story and enter eternal Being, right here, right now. From here, we realize we have choice, we see what limiting ideas of separation from our creative-power we have believed in and choose Health –LOVE - once again…

Approach the work without expectation and you may discover an entry-point into your eternal Being.

Nourishment brings you back to the source of who YOU are.
Remembering that you ARE one with the Source of LIFE.

There are different ways to receive nourishment. The different facets of the Practice show us how, what, when and where… These are the 4 different facets of the practice… enter them through your Inspiration…  



The Practice is Integrating…

Seeing beyond our fear-based thoughts, feelings and actions and choosing to love the beautiful Being we are regardless… Integration is better understood as self-acknowledging or honoring who you eternally are before your belief in a limited idea of yourself. It is what allows the miracle of creation to flow… The intelligence of Integration is what overrides the guilt-shame-fear-confusion *Feeling as though we have left the Source of life.* Breath by breath Integration is a Key to remembering we are One, whole and complete. It is not something we conceptualize. It is what we allow through presence. Experience the BioTune Integration Series for true reference