Discover and Share Your
Gift with the World


“We ALL have an effortless Gift to share with the world.
All life has a contribution to the Whole. Our culture
teaches us to look outside of our Self. We often overlook
our fundamental Essential Nature, beauty and worth.
Some of us even feel our unique contribution is weird
and strange and meaningless... But our Being knows
otherwise and can guide us.”
- Cass Phelps
RECEIVE          NOURISH          SHARE

The Gift Process is a structured learning system for Discovering and Sharing your Gifts with the World... You learn how to receive, nourish and share you true essential Self. It is another way into the Internal Nourishment practice and is a Resource for learning how to Live your Life from the Flow of coherency, health, success, and staying grounded, balanced and resourced.

The Gift Process offers a way to answer the often elusive questions WHAT and HOW... offering fundamental teaching and Practice for Discovering and Honoring your own worth. In a communal setting the Tele-Series offer a nourishing and insightful way to take ownership of your power, life path and discover the steps and means required to Move forward in your Life.

3 basic steps to realize your gifts and share them with the world:

RECEIVE — Discover your Gift. Understand the effortless path of Inspiration that lays before you.

NOURISH — This crucial step is often over looked and is the difference between a master and a novice. Receive all the beautiful powerful aspects of yourself  you naturally carry and allow the love that you are to continually fill you up with your eternal essence.

SHARE — Once the internal Resourcing is in place we begin to overflow with our Gift and share it in effortless balance and sustainability.  We naturally start to bare fruit and SHARE from our Inspiration. Learning to share teaches you how to listen to your Gift and let it guide you through the in’s and out’s of Sharing Your Gift With The World.

COMPLETION — For those of you who are looking to take a Project or Inspired Idea through to completion. This series offers a 4 week timeline, guidance and structure. Enjoy the communal support.

The Tele-Series structure offers four weekly sessions two hours in length per session offering a total of eight hours of material for each series. We come together in group by phone where Cass lays out premise and focus, we work with Q and A and then go into a guided dive (meditation). In these series below not only do we work with discovering and sharing our gifts we also work with facing our deepest fears, the fear of being seen and the fear of failure. Facing our biggest dreams, the fear of not being seen and the fear of success. You learn how to use resistance (in any form) as fuel for transformation.

What nourishes you from your inspiration?
What ever nourishes and inspires you fully can be the starting point for Living your Life from the effortless Flow of Being, from the Inside out.