About Cass

about-cass"It was never my conscious idea to be a teacher or a Guide or a ‘healer.’ Basically, people kept coming to me and asking what was going on with me, and how could they ‘get there.’ How is it that you are in deep peace and presence? How is it that you are moving and breathing the way you do? What is your thought process? What is your spirit practice? What foods (nourishment) do you consume and recommend? My focus gradually became about supporting people in discovering their own innate answers, gifts and path."
Cass Phelps offers workshops throughout the world and conducts a private practice in Kauai, HI. His clients are men, women and children - inspired souls from all walks of life.  He works with facilitators, students, creative artists, dancers, choreographers, actors, singers, musicians, writers, directors, leaders, healers, gurus, corporate coaches and CEO’s. Cass also works with people of all ages with complex neurological disorders and immune diseases such as cancer, autism, brain damage and paralysis. His gift of insight - which he calls his "X-Ray Vision" - allows him to assist his clients and students in their Self Awakening and healing process; realizing their inspirations and full potential.
Cass is a Somatic Movement therapist, certified Reiki Master, Sound Healing therapist and lifelong musician. He also creates movement performance works and is known to call on different forms of Art Therapy, dance and the innovative intelligence of play. His unique approach to sound, breath, movement and resting-stillness unifies the creative and healing arts together as one. A strong sense of humor and laid-back style help Cass to deliver the awakening transmission:  “All Is Within.”
From 1998 to 2005, Cass was mentored closely by Continuum Movement’s founder, Emilie Conrad. He became an authorized Continuum teacher in 2001 and continued for more than 7 years. Cass and Emilie developed new programs and taught workshops together. Cass brought a series of new breaths, sounds and advanced shifts in perspective to Emilie as they worked within the Quantum Field to explore the idea of a weightless body. He introduced the Dark Room work (part of the Mystery School) to Emile where she - for the first time - was able to sleep for 16 hours (Emilie was forthcoming about her lifelong struggl with insomnia). Emilie received all of these offerings with great appreciation and asked Cass to share his knowledge in teaching sessions with the Continuum Teachers at an annual Teachers Gathering. 

Cass has a deep appreciation for Emilie Conrad’s work and her influences. Since 2004, he has offered his own work while also honoring Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement, Sharon Weil, Charles Lawrence, Deborah Stucker’s direct electromagnetic approach to Rolfing, Andrew Clark’s practice of Structural Integration and Gary Renard’s work with A Course In Miracles.

Some of the favorite teachers and works that inspire him include: Gabor Mate, Lindon H Smith, Stewart Brown, Brene Brown, and the National Institute For Play.

Cass is the creator of The Five Signals Practice, a radical approach to nutrition. The Practice allows practitioners to become self-referential through listening to our bodies’ unique biological signals for hunger, pH balance, immunity, optimal physical and emotional health, vitality and well-being. Cass is also the creator of BioTune, a system of Sound Frequency Medicine™ recordings designed to bring our nervous system, mind and body back into balance. Another facet of his work is The Gift Process, a highly effective and empowering way to discover and share our essential nature as a Tangible Gift to the world.


Personal Journey 

What Cass rarely speaks about is his personal journey and how the work developed in response to a series of life trials. First, Cass was born through planned C-Section with a compromised immune system and a Candida infection in his gut. He dealt with nutritional deficiencies, allergic reactions to vaccines and physical, sexual and emotional trauma that lead to learning disabilities, reactive trauma disorders, and troubles integrating with traditional educational and social structures. In 2000, he contracted a parasite (in Tokyo) and for 8 years struggled with an advanced systemic infection. "I was struggling for my life. I was literally at death's door until finally receiving all the gifts and nourishment resources I required to reclaim my health and choose to live life again." At two separate times in his adult life, Cass has fallen off cliffs. In the first fall in 2005, he landed partially on his head.  The second incident occurred in 2009, as he landed directly on his coccyx, breaking his entire tailbone off while losing basic core function and stability. He overcame these obstacles by using creative innovation -  going inward and listening to the innate Bio Intelligence, what he calls the Primary Healer and Innovator: “The Flow of Eternal Love.”